TCSCF 2021 Race Against Cancer

2019 Race Against Cancer
2019 Race Against Cancer

Missy Fit and Fun

Thanks for joining in the "race against cancer"   I feel very blessed and grateful to God and good doctors that I am 12 years now a survivor.   My letiginous Melanoma was a very deadly one but I'm glad my yearly full body scan with Skin Wellness Center caught mine (bottom of my foot)   And then surgeons Dr. Greg Midas and plastic Surgeon Dr. Jay Lucas did an amazing job on getting it and reconstructing my foot. 


So many of my fit and fun friends have also gone thru cancer.  Women and Men who have fought thru Colon, Breast, Prostate, Melanoma, Rectal and other types of cancer. 

If you want to do this race virtually that is fine and I will post some times we can meet outdoors to do a 5k together, or if covid numbers decline and we are outdoors Nov 7th I'll be at Worlds Fair site. 

If you sign up and don't care what your race time is then check untimed box.  That saves TCSC a little money.  

Thanks for your friendship and support !


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